Week of Nov. 16 – 20

The students are beginning to learn about cell reproduction this week.  Check out below to see what we are doing each day.

Monday 11/16/15: The students began their bell ringer practices today to keep the information we learned this year current in their minds.  They will do one review question a day that relates to past units.  Also, the students took a final assessment on geologic time today as well.  They took their pre-tests for cell reproduction, but no one tested out this unit.  🙁

Tuesday 11/17/15: AM – the students will all be getting on the computers today to get their first look at what it will be like to take the AIR tests on the computers.  PM – The students watched a video today about cells to help give them some back ground on the job of cells.  HW – Cell reading and labeling

Wednesday 11/18/15: During science, the students began some fact gathering about cell division and mitosis today.  The read and took notes on a notes form.  These notes were then discussed in class to make sure that everyone had the correct information to work with.  To end class, the students began an illustration and fact sheet about the stages of mitosis.

Thursday 11/19/16: We began class by watching a quick video by the Ameba Sisters about Mitosis (look it up on youtube!!).  Next, the students finished working on their fact and illustrations sheet about mitosis.  HW – Mitosis WS

Friday 11/20/16: The students were on the computers today doing a webquest about Mitosis.  The webquest had them going to three different cites to gather facts and pictures about Mitosis.  Ask your students what they learned today through doing their webquest.