Week of Nov. 9 – 13

During science this week, the student will be finishing their work with geologic record.  Read below to find out what the students will be working on.

Monday 11/9/15: During science today the students are actually having a guidance lesson with Ms. Frey.  Ask your students what they did today in their lesson.

Tuesday 11/10/15: The students will be learning about absolute ages of rocks today and the method scientists use to radiometric date rock samples.  HW – three absolute age worksheets

Wednesday 11/11/15: AM – Veteran’s day festivities. PM – In science, the students will look at life during geologic time.  HW – Read the Geologic Time reading and NT

Thursday 11/12/15: The students will compare the difference between relative age and absolute age in rocks while doing a skittles lab.

Friday 11/13/15: During science, the students will do a recap on the geologic column.  They will follow up by doing a lab that has them creating their own geologic column.  HW  – Review WS