Daily Class Activities and Homework

January 25th, 2018

                   Quarter 3

Week of January 22-January 26



Monday  *Daily Warm Up

*Introduction to The Outsiders

*KIM Strategy Passed out

Hmwk: KIMVocabulary3.2

Complete 4 corners wksht

Tuesday  *Daily Warm Up

*Continue introduction for The Outsiders

Hmwk: start reading The Outsiders; Phase Packet due on Monday as well as reading of chapters 1-4

Wednesday  *Daily Warm Up

*Idiom and context clues notes/discussion

Hmwk: Idiom picture assignment

Vocabulary 3.2 quiz on Friday!!!

Thursday *Independent Reading: Daily Warm Up Points

*Collect Idiom Assignment

*Notes/Discussion: POV & Setting

Hmwk: Setting/POV writing assignment

setting and point of view Powerpoint and Pics

Vocabulary Quiz 3.2 Tomorrow!!!


Homework for week of January 8-January 12



Monday No School: Snow Day!!!
Tuesday *Daily Warm Up

*Passed out KIM Strategy 3.1

*2018 High School Transition Resolutions

Hmwk: KIMVocabulary3.1 Due Thursday; Vocabulary Quiz on Friday

***If you did not finish 3 paragraph transition essay in class, complete for hmwk and upload to google classroom!!!!

Wednesday  *Daily Warm Up

*Introduce Argumentative Essays

*Select topic and create claim

*Gather sources to support claim

Hmwk: KIM Strategy due tomorrow and quiz will be on Friday.



 Quarter 2

Homework for week of December 11-December 15

Day Assignment
Monday *Daily Warm Up: Independent Reading Book/Project

*Go over chapters 12-14 from The Omnivore’s Dilemma

*Text structures/Paragraph structures

*Read chapter 15 in class; identify text structure

Hmwk: Complete questions for chapter 15 and read chapter 16 and complete questions

kimvocabulary2.5-due Wednesday

Tuesday  Daily Warm Up: Independent Reading Book/Assignment

Reading Check Quiz for chapter 16

Purpose of a paragraph, sentence, section of text-notes

Hmwk: read chapter 17 and annotate; complete Chapter 17 paragraph structure questions 8.5

KIM strategy and  vocabulary2.5matchingandanalogies due tomorrow

Wednesday  Daily Warm Up: Independent Reading Book/Assignment

Read chapter 18 & 19 complete questions

Hmwk: Finish whatever was not completed in class; independent projects due Thursday December 21st.


Week of December 4-December 8

Day Assignment
Monday *Reading Check Quiz

*Discuss chapters 7 & 8

*Begin Google classroom assignment in library computer lab

Hmwk: Read Chapter 9 and answer Q’s-due tomorrow

              kimvocabulary2.4-due Wednesday

              Chapters 5,6,7 video assignment-due Wednesday

Tuesday  *Discuss chapter 9

*Continued working on chapters 5,6,&7 video assignment

Hmwk: KIM strategy is due tomorrow; complete vocabulary worksheet vocabulary2.4matchingandanalogies;

If you did not complete video assignment, you need to finish for homework. It should be uploaded to google classroom by Wednesday at 11:59 PM.

Wednesday  *Read Chapter 10 in class and completed text dependent questions chapter10Qs and OmnivoresDilemmaWordCatcher

Hmwk: Read chapter 11 (sticky note annotations or bookmark annotations)

Be sure to complete and upload video assignment to google classroom by 11:59PM tonight.  

Thursday  *Reading Check Quiz

*In class, read chapter 11 and complete questions

Hmwk: Read chapter 12 and annotate (use either sticky note annotations or bookmark annotations)

complete Vocabulary2.4definitionclozereading

Vocabulary 2.4 quiz tomorrow!!!

Friday  *Vocabulary Quiz 2.4

*In class: read chapter 13 (annotate and complete Q’s)

Hmwk: Read chapter 14 (annotate and complete Q’s)

Week of November 27-November December 1

Day Assignment
Monday Read pg. 35-36 “Frankenseeds” from Omnivore’s Dilemma.  Identify the author’s purpose and conflicting viewpoints

Hmwk: Study for kimvocabulary2.2 quiz (tomorrow)

kimvocabulary2.3 (due Wednesday)

Complete ch2pg35-36 OmnivoresDilemma that was started in class

Chapter 3 Q’s due tomorrow

Tuesday *Vocabulary Quiz 2.2

*Go over chapter 2 “author’s purpose and conflicting viewpoints” wksht

*Go over chapter 3 questions

Hmwk: read chapter 4 and complete organizer attached here: ch4and5pgs53-topof62 OmnivoresDilemma


Wednesday  *Daily Warm Up*Go over author’s purpose and conflicting viewpoints for ch. 4

Hmwk: vocabulary2.3matchingandanalogies

Read chapter 5 and annotate with sticky notes.  Write the gist of the information under each subheading on a sticky note.

Complete chapter5textdependentquestions for 49-52

Thursday  *Daily Warm Up

*Discuss chapter 5

Hmwk: Vocabulary 2.3buildingaffixesandclozereading

read chapter 6 and annotate using bookmark and complete questions.

Friday  *Daily Warm Up

*Vocabulary Quiz

*Discuss chapter 6

Hmwk: Read chapters 7 & 8 and complete questions

                                                     Week of November 5-November 9

Day Assignment


Daily Warm Up

Braninstorm ideas for AMNDEssayPrompts

Hmwk: Select topic for essay





 Writing Effective Introductions with hooks lesson

Hmwk: Finish writing introduction. We will learn about thesis statements tomorrow






                                                    Homework for week of October 30-November 3

Day Assignment
Monday Daily Warm Up


Review for AMND test: use the following link


Hmwk: KIM Strategy due Wednesday


Tuesday  AMND Test!!!
Wednesday  Great Lakes Theater A Midsummer Night’s Dream play (FIELD TRIP)

Hmwk: NONE!!!

Thursday  STAR Testing

Hmwk: NONE!!!

Friday  STAR Test Tracking

Q2 Independent Book Selection

Hmwk: NONE!!!


Quarter 1

Homework for week of October 2-October 6

Day Assignment
Monday *Continue working in groups to complete Shakespeare Skits

Hmwk: KIMVocabulary1.4-due Wednesday

 Tuesday  *ClaimGuidedNotesKey

Hmwk: KIM strategy due tomorrow; TheBardorNottheBard

Identifying Claims and Reasoning 1.1

 Wednesday  Daily Warm Up

Elements of Persuasion final Notes

Hmwk: Periods 3 and 4 Read Article Rap Lyrics on Trial – The New York Times  (highlight examples of logos, pathos, and ethos using a different color to represent each type)

Periods 1 and 2 complete the Ethos, Pathos, and Logos wksht that Mrs. Kisela passed out in class today

 Thursday  Daily Warm Up

Writing Counterclaims activity

Hmwk: vocab1.4wksht-quiz tomorrow

BookProjectProposal due tomorrow!!!


                                Homework for week of September 25-September 29

Day Assignment
Monday *Daily Warm Up

*Shakespeare Guided Notes key

Hmwk: KIMVocabulary1.3 2017-due Wednesday!!!

Tuesday  *Daily Warm Up

*Shakespeare Language

Hmwk: KIM Strategy-due tomorrow; CrosswordPuzzle1.3-due tomorrow;


Wednesday  *Daily Warm Ups

*Shakespeare’s Language

Homework: Vocab1.3ClozeReadingActivity

Thursday  *Daily Warm Up-“Parts of Speech”

*Shakespeare’s Language-Translations

Hmwk:  vocab1.3synonymsnadantonyms

Finish ShakespeareTranslation started in class

Vocabulary Quiz 1.3 tomorrow!!!

Friday  *Shakespeare Translations

*Speaketh like Shakespeare” skit group activity

Hmwk: NONE!!!


Homework for week of September 18-September 22

Day Assignment
Monday *Daily Warm Up

*Finish watching Charly

-continue filling out organizer

Hmwk: KIMVocabulary1.2 2017-due Wed


Tuesday *Daily Warm Up

*Go over Critical Thinking organizer

*Connotations and Denotations

Hmwk: KIM Vocabulary Packet-due Wed

              Vocab1.2CrosswordPuzzle-due Wed

Wednesday *Daily Warm Up-completed and collected

*”The Treasure of Lemon Brown” assignment to be completed on commonlit.org

Hmwk:vocab1.2clozereading – due Thursday

Complete “Lemon Brown assignment on commonlit.org follow the directions on the homepage of the blog under the tab labeled commonlit

Thursday  *Grammar Mini Lesson

*Short Story Unit Review

Hmwk: Study for Vocab Quiz!!!

Short Story Unit Assessment tomorrow

vocab1.2synonymandantonyms wksht

Friday  *Vocabulary 1.2 Quiz

*Short Story Unit Assessment

Hmwk: NONE

Homework for week of September 11- September 15

Day Assignment
Monday *Daily Warm Up 2

*”Flowers for Algernon” Part I reading check quiz

*Vocabulary: KIM Strategy

Hmwk: “Flowers for Algernon” read all of part 2 and answer FlowersforAlgernonPartIIQs

KIMVocabulary1.1Due Wednesday

Tuesday Daily Warm Up

Collect Part 2 Q’s

Theme Lesson



Hmwk: Vocabulary 1.2 2017 Crossword and KIM Strategy due tomorrow

Wednesday  Daily Warm Up

Collected vocab. KIM strategy and crossword puzzle

“Flowers for Algernon” Assessment

Hmwk: vocab1.1clozereading assignment

Vocabulary quiz on Friday!!!


Homework for week of September 4-September 8

Monday NO SCHOOL!!!
Tuesday *Discuss and go over “Artificial Intelligence” article and questions

*Google Classroom assignment. You will be given 15 minutes in class tomorrow to complete.

Hmwk: NONE

Wednesday *Finish Google Classsroom assignment (15 minutes to complete)

*centralidea notes

Hmwk: Read article “Smart Genes” (use close reading strategies) and complete questions

Thursday  *Go over “Smart Genes” article and Q’s

*Begin Reading “Flowers for Algernon” and complete questions

Hmwk: finish AlgernonPartIQ’s

Friday Q1Journal4


Hmwk: Finish part I of “Flowers for Algernon” and complete AlgernonPartIQs part ii

Homework for week of August 28-September 1

Day Assignment
Monday: Daily Warm Up

Read “The Tell-Tale Heart”

Hmwk: Complete TellTaleHeartRL8.3Q using the RACE strategy taught in class

Tuesday: Daily Warm Up

Notes: Tone/Mood/Setting

Hmwk: Complete FindingMoodWksht with “The Tell-Tale Heart” pg. 379

Wednesday: Daily Warm Up

Review: Tone/Mood/Setting/Word Choice

Hmwk: TellTaleHeartDrawingActivity

Thursday:  Daily Warm Up

“The Tell-Tale Heart” Quiz

“Flowers for Algernon” Pre-reading wksht

Hmwk: complete worksheet if not completed in class.

Friday: Q1Journal3

Read “Artifical Intelligence” article (close reading strategies) and complete Q’s

Hmwk: Finish article and Q’s

Homework for week of August 21-August 25

Day Assignment
Monday Mini Lesson: Setting/Character Types/Characterization

Worked on Summer Reading Projects

Hmwk: None; projects due Thursday at the beginning of class

Tuesday  Mini Lesson: Plot/Point of View (Perspective)

Worked on Summer Reading Projects

Hmwk: None; projects due Thursday at the beginning of class

Wednesday  Mini Lesson: Conflict/Theme/Symbolism

Worked on Summer Reading Projects

Hmwk: Complete Summer Reading Project; due Thursday

Thursday Collect Summer Reading Project

STAR Testing

Hmwk: None!!!

Friday Q1Journal2

Elements of a short story

RACE Strategy

Hmwk: Have an awesome weekend!!! Bring binders and dividers on Monday!!!