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6th grade Mathematics


State Test Practice Links

Below are links to practice AIR tests.  It is helpful to become familiar with how to take a math test on a computer.  Please note that if you are stuck on a question you are able to “Flag” the question and come back to it.  Also it is important to scroll down to be sure you have answered ALL parts of the question (sometimes there is a part b or c hiding below the page)  Lastly, there will be some questions that ask you to “Select All that Apply”  it is important to check all the solutions because the question has to be entered in exactly correct for credit.

Ohio Test Resources:


Other state’s resources for AIR testing.  Helps to get practice taking a test on a computer.

West Virginia:
South Dakota:
New Hampshire:

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Log in to ebook and complete scavenger hunt from class, and check 1.2.1 homework using ebook.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction and Representation

Lesson Learning Targets and Homework



Section Lesson Learning Target Homework Completion Stamp
1.1 1.1.1 Visualizing Information 1-3 to 1-4  Mathography
1.1.2 Perimeter and Area Relationships 1-10 to 1-14  ASSIGNED 8/25
1.1.3 Describing and Extending patterns 1-19 to 1-23  ASSIGNED 8/29
1.1.4 Representing Data 1-28 to 1-32  ASSIGNED 8/30
1.1.5 Making sense of Logic Problem 1-36 to 1-40  ASSIGNED 8/31
1.2 1.2.1 Multiple Representations 1-46 to 1-50  ASSIGNED 9/2
1.2.2 Representing Comparisons 1-57 to 1-61  
1.2.3 Characteristics of Numbers 1-68 to 1-72  
1.2.4 Products, Factors, and Factor Pairs 1-85 to 1-89   
1-90 to 1-94  

Chapter 1 Homework Sheet

The Chapter 1 homework sheet lists the review/preview questions that are assigned after each lesson.  Your student received their copy in class. We also bookmarked the page for their homework tonight with a sticky note.

Homework is to be completed on a separate sheet of paper (graph paper preferred).

The homework is checked at the beginning of class, and your student will receive a stamp that they have completed the assignment.  The homework sheet will be collected at the end of the chapter for a grade.

Homework 8/24

Good Evening!

The math homework for 5,6,7th periods is some long division practice.  The students are allowed to use the multiplication chart in the back of their agenda planner, and can use a calculator to check their answers.

If the crossword puzzle is too challenging, have them complete EITHER the Across OR the Down clues.

I also gave the students a strategy to work down one of the diagonals at a time, since the answer to one problem gives them a clue to the first number of another.

Thank you!

If your child is working on the crossword for more than an hour you can call it- and send in a note, or sign the paper.

Welcome Back!

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Compact Math (3rd period):


6th Grade Math (5, 6, 7 periods)