Course Descriptions

Business and Sports Management

This College Tech Prep Initiative develops skills and knowledge in the field of business, sports management and marketing, human resource management, facilities and operations management, sales, and public relations. Students will acquire knowledge of business processes, economics and business relationships, finance, and accounting.   Students will learn how to manage a workforce, lead change and build professional relationships with employees and customers. Students will utilize technology, software, and virtual simulations to prepare for careers in the business and sport management fields.  Worksite and facility visits to professional, collegiate, and recreational sports and management will be integrated into the program. All students are provided opportunities for leadership development through the Business Professionals of America national student organization. College credit is available through university partnerships.

Areas of Concentration

*   Sports Management
*   Business Foundations
*   Management and Administration Principles
*   Fundamentals of Business and Administrative Services
*   Human Resource Management
*   Finance and Accounting
*   Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations

Professional Pathway

*   Front office positions in professional sports
*   Athletic director in college and high school
*   Team management
*   Event and recreational management
*   Sports marketing
*   Human resource manager
*   Franchising and ownership.

Higher education opportunities

*   College credits available
*   Associate’s degree
*   Bachelor’s degree


*   Level I:  CP English-1; Theory-1; Lab-1; and optional Capstone*-1
*   Level II: CP English-1; Theory-1; Lab-1; and optional Capstone*-1

(*based on transportation, cooperative experience and/or apprenticeship, and  credit need)