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2013-2014 School Year

Posted by Adrienne Cobb on 10th September and posted in Uncategorized

Welcome to my class! I am looking forward to teaching and inspiring this year’s “loop” of students on the Navigator Team. Let me explain what you will see on my blog…

1. A brief summary of what we will be working on during the school week

2. Links to enrichment activities

3. Reminders about major assignments that will be due

Please understand that my blog is used as way for you and your parents to get a glimps of what’s happening in my class. I do not post worksheets or rubric. If you have questions about any class work, please see me in person, or call me at 330-687-6702, before 8:30 P.M.

What’s Happening???
We are finishing up our Autobiographical Poster this week and completing some diagnostic testing, just to get an idea of where you are as far as story elements and types of prose are concerned. We are also working on composing our Writing Handbooks, which will contain ideas for writing.

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